Russia Business and Workplace Culture. Russian information on acceptable business etiquette, dress, business cards, gifts, Business Meetings, and Negotiations, etc. – Be punctual, although your Russian counterparts may not. Also, confirm the date and time prior to a meeting. – When addressing your Russian business partner, use “Mr.” [‘gaspodin”] or “Miss./ Mrs.” [“gaspazhah”] with their surname following. – Titles are extremely important in Russian business culture; familiarize yourself with the distinctions before the meeting. – When greeting, use a firm handshake, maintain eye contact, while giving the appropriate greeting for the time of day. – Carry multiple business cards because they will be exchanged often. Include your title and any degrees you have received from a university on your business card. – Russian executives prefer to meet with people of similar rank and position. Meetings and negotiations are slow. Russians do not like being rushed. – If you are hosting a meeting, have a plentiful amount of food and beverages present.

Russia Business and Workplace Etiquette

Russia Business Meeting AsiaRussia Business and Workplace Etiquette. Russia Business Attire – Russians greatly value appearance and fashion, often sporting designer clothing. What you wear will make your first impression (and professional prestige), so look professional and sophisticated. – Men wear light and dark-colored suits in business settings. – Women dress conservatively and prefer long skirts over pants. Behavior – Patience is a well-regarded virtue within Russian culture. – Avoid the following: standing with your hands in your pockets, the ‘O.K.’ sign, and shaking your fist; these are all considered rude.

Russia Business and Gift Giving

Russia Business Gift Giving AsiaRussia Business Gift Giving. Gift Giving – Gifts are well received and often given in Russian culture. Be sure that your gift is of good quality. – If the gift is inexpensive it is unnecessary to wrap it, therefore be sure to wrap a costly gift. Appropriate Gifts: – wine or alcohol [try to avoid vodka], towels, cameras, watches, perfume/cologne, pink, cream-colored, orange flowers Gifts to Avoid: – an even number of flowers in colors of white, yellow, and red, pencils, pens, lighters.

Russia Business Conversation

Russia Business Conversations AsiaRussia Business Communication – The majority of Russian people speak Russian, so having an interpreter present would be wise. – Speak in a calm, moderate tone of voice at all times when talking to your Russian business partner. If your volume is loud and boisterous, you may be considered overbearing and aggressive. – Finding compromise (looked at as a weakness) with your Russian business partner may be difficult, but do not become aggravated. – You may find Russians to be enthusiastic about discussing politics and the challenges of living in Russia. Participating in this kind of discussion and expressing your views (even if they are opposite) is more welcome than just being an active listener. Topics to Discuss: Russian culture and history, politics, current events, books, film, economic difficulties, World War II. Topics to Avoid: Personal questions, religion, ethnic minorities, the Holocaust, comparing/contrasting Russia to other developing countries, comparing/contrasting Moscow and Saint Petersburg, the Czar, and the monarchy.

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