South Korea Business and Workplace Culture. South Korean information on acceptable business etiquette, dress, business cards, gifts, Business Meetings, and Negotiations, etc. – Be punctual, and confirm the date and time prior to the meeting. – When meeting, a handshake is common. A bow is a traditional South Korean greeting. The person of the lower status bows to the person of the higher status, however, the person of higher status will initiate the handshake. – Do say “man-na-suh pan-gopsumnida” when initiating a bow. It means “pleased to meet you.” – Bid farewell to everyone individually accompanied with a bow when you leave a social setting. – When addressing your South Korean business partner, use “Mr.” or “Miss./Mrs.” or title (i.e. Dr.) with their surname following. – Carry multiple business cards because they will be exchanged often. Use both hands to present your business card. – Treat business cards with the utmost respect. When receiving it, examine it closely and don’t write on it. Store the business card in a card case; never quickly stash it away. – It would be helpful to have your materials printed in both English and Korean to distribute prior to the meeting.

South Korea Business and Workplace Etiquette

South Korea Business Meeting AsiaSouth Korea Business and Workplace Etiquette. South Korea Business Attire – In South Korea, businessmen and women dress modestly and conservatively. – Men wear dark colored suits with a white shirt. – Women dress in subdued colors and professional attire. Behavior – “Saving face” is an important concept to understand. In Korean business culture, a person’s reputation and social standing rest on this concept. Causing embarrassment or loss of composure, even unintentionally, can be disastrous for business negotiations. – Avoid any physical contact with your Korean business partner.

South Korea Business and Gift Giving

South Korea Business Gift Giving AsiaSouth Korea Business Gift Giving. Gift Giving – Offer a gift that can be reciprocated; because gifts are always reciprocated in South Korean culture. – Wrapping a gift in yellow and red paper symbolizes royalty. Yellow and pink paper signifying happiness. – Expect initial resistance to accept the gift; this is considered polite, so be persistent. – If you are giving a gift to several people in the organization be sure that their superior’s gift is of greater value. – Use both hands when offering a gift. Gifts are not opened when received. Appropriate Gifts: – An item specific to your own country, giving 7 of an item is considered lucky Gifts to Avoid: -Items in amounts of 4, sharp items, do not wrap gifts in green, white, or black paper or sign a card in red ink.

South Korea Business Conversation

South Korea Business Conversations AsiaSouth Korea Business Communication Conversation – Most business executives in South Korea speak English, but you may want to inquire about an interpreter. – Be direct when discussing and negotiating with your South Korean counterpart. – Don’t be surprised if you are asked personal questions such as your age and salary; be polite and respond with a vague answer. Be modest if someone compliments you. – Tone down facial expressions and hand movements when talking. – Meetings are used to understand a client’s needs and challenges. They lay the foundation for building a relationship. Topics to Discuss: sports (soccer), South Korea’s economy, culture and international achievements, the health of one’s family, kites, personal hobbies Topics to Avoid: politics, the Korean War, socialism, communism, personal family matters, do not compare South Korea to other Asian countries

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