Taiwan Business and Workplace Culture. Taiwanese information on acceptable business etiquette, dress, business cards, gifts, Conversation – – Be punctual for all business appointments. – Greet with a slight nod of the head and shaking hands (not too firm). – Wait for introductions. – Address your Taiwanese counterpart by stating their title or Mr./ Mrs. and their last name. Ex: General Manager Zhang or Mr. Zhang – Taiwanese enforce business hierarchy when negotiating, within seating, and when entering a room. Acknowledge the most senior person first (the person leading or in the front, or the eldest).

Taiwan Business and Workplace Etiquette

Taiwan Business Meeting AsiaTaiwan Business and Workplace Etiquette. Business Attire – Business casual and conservative will suffice; long trousers, white shirt, and a tie. Also, limit your use of accessories. Behavior – “Saving face” is an important concept to understand. In Taiwanese business culture, a person’s reputation and social standing rest on this concept. Causing embarrassment or loss of composure, even unintentionally, can be disastrous for business negotiations. – Always have multiple business cards on hand (exchanged in business and non-business situations). Keep coloring and font simple. – The traditional way of presenting your business card is to use two hands. When receiving others, take a few moments to read it and then place it on the table or in your card case (not in your pocket!). NEVER scribble on a business card. – Limit your use of hand gestures while talking. – Avoid touching or any physical contact between you and your Taiwanese business partner, as this may cause discomfort. Use your whole hand to point to something. – Avoid winking, touching anyone’s head, pointing or touching of our feet (considered very dirty).

Taiwan Business and Gift Giving

Taiwan Business Gift Giving AsiaTaiwan Business Gift Giving. Gift Giving – Within Taiwanese business culture, gift giving is widely accepted but be aware that a very large gift may be interpreted as bribery. – Use discretion when giving a gift; select a gift that is modest. – It is customary when giving the gift, to hand it over using two hands. – A large gift should be presented to the entire group, whereas a small gift should be given to everyone present. – The receiver may politely turn down the gift at first, but be persistent and they will eventually accept. – The gift is not normally opened in the givers’ presence. Appropriate Gifts: – Something shared such as food, a gift specific to your own culture, amounts of 8, something with your company logo, red, pink, yellow considered to be auspicious colors Gifts to Avoid: – Clocks, fans, green hats, items in amounts of 4, sharp objects, a red ink pen, handkerchiefs


Taiwan Business Conversation

Taiwan Business Conversations AsiaTaiwan Business Communication Conversation – Taiwanese international businessmen/women are likely to speak Chinese and English. – You may be asked intrusive questions about your marital status, age, and income. Do not respond with irritation, just be nonspecific. – In Taiwanese culture, ‘Have you eaten?’ is the equivalent to ‘How are you?’ Simply smile and answer ‘yes.’ – Taiwanese greatly value building personal relationships among the people they do business with. – Speak in a quiet, gentle tone; moreover, remain calm. Candor is not necessary. – Mandarin Chinese: “Ni Hao” [nín hǎo]= Hello Topics to Discuss: art, family, sports, and sightseeing Topics to Avoid: race, religion, gossiping, their relationship with China, criticizing any aspect of Taiwan

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