Turkey Business and Workplace Culture. Turkish information on acceptable business etiquette, dress, business cards, gifts, Business Meetings, and Negotiations, etc. -Be punctual for business appointments. -Address your Turkish counterpart by stating their title or Mr./ Mrs. and their last name. Ex: Manager Mudur Bey or Mr. Mudur Bey -The customary greeting is to extend a handshake (not too firm or prolonged) with a smile. – Turks enforce business hierarchy when negotiating, within seating, and when entering a room. Acknowledge the most senior person first (the person leading or in the front, or the eldest).

Turkey Business and Workplace Etiquette

Turkey Business Meeting AsiaTurkey Business and Workplace Etiquette. Business Attire -Dress formally and conservatively; well-tailored business suits are ideal but a long-sleeved shirt paired with a necktie is fine. For men, favor dark colors and for women, light colors. Behavior -“Saving face” is an important concept to understand. In Turkish business culture, a person’s reputation and social standing rest on this concept. Causing embarrassment or loss of composure, even unintentionally, can be disastrous for business negotiations. -Always have multiple business cards on hand (exchanged in business and non-business situations). Expect to see English on one side and Turkish on the other. Keep coloring and font simple. -The traditional way of presenting your business card is to use two hands (or only your right hand). When receiving others, take a few moments to read it and then place it on the table or in your card case (not in your pocket!). Never write on or fold a business card. -Limit your use of hand gestures while talking. Avoid making the “Ok” sign with your fingers; this is considered very vulgar within Turkish culture. -Maintaining eye-contact during conversation is fine but staring is considered rude. -Standing with your hands placed on your hips or in your pockets indicates anger and displeasure. -Keep your feet flat on the ground when sitting; showing the bottoms of your feet in Turkey is considered insulting. -Be aware that your Turkish visitor is most likely Muslim, therefore, the left hand is seen as dirty, pork and alcohol are not generally consumed. Also, your visitor may need to step out of a meeting for prayer.

Turkey Business and Gift Giving

Turkey Business Gift Giving AsiaTurkey Business Gift Giving. Gift Giving -Gift giving in a business setting is not common etiquette. Although, will be accepted. Use discretion when giving a gift; select a gift that is modest. -Use your right hand when passing over your gift. A large gift should be presented to the entire group, whereas a small gift should be given to everyone present. -The receiver may politely turn down the gift at first but be persistent and they will eventually accept. The gift is not opened in the givers’ presence. Appropriate Gifts: -Items with your company logo, a gift specific to your own culture/ region such as foodstuffs or craft items Gifts to Avoid: -Fruits, alcohol or alcohol products, personal items, perfume, any products containing pork.

Turkey Business Conversation

Turkey Business Conversations AsiaTurkey Business Communication -Relationships are fostered in the office, overextended lunches, dinners, and social outings. -Begin with small talk to build a relationship before delving into business negotiations. -Turks will rarely answer a question with a blunt ‘no.’ Be aware that a ‘yes’ that sounds hesitant or weak usually means ‘no.’ -Speak in a quiet, gentle tone; moreover, remain calm. Vital that you maintain eye contact while speaking since Turks take this as a sign of sincerity. Topics to Discuss: -Food, weather, travel, arts, soccer, family Topics to Avoid: -Race, politics, religion (Islam),

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