Business Etiquette Guide for Asia. During the last few decades, Asia has driven global economic growth. As a result, you have to be culturally in tune with your Asian business counterparts to succeed in the global economy. Only then can you create prosperous and lasting business relationships. Just as customs vary greatly between Asia and the West, so do they vary among the diverse nations of Asia or the Middle East. What is proper and expected in one Asian, for example, may be a deal-breaker in another Asian country. Our easy-read and country-specific business and workplace culture Etiquette guides will familiarize you with the customs, habits, tastes, and mores of every key Asian nation and help you guarantee the mutual respect and acceptance that are vital for keeping every international business relationship agreeable, effective, and successful.

Business Etiquette Guide for Asia – Business Cards

Business Cards. It’s a good idea to have your business card translated into the local language. Be prepared to distribute freely so bring extra. Note that mainland China and Singapore use simplified Chinese characters while Taiwan and Hong Kong use traditional Chinese characters. You can have English-only name cards in Singapore. When you present your business card, do so with two hands and with the business card facing your counterpart so that they can easily read your name and title. When receiving cards, please do so with both of your hands. Then study it carefully before putting it away. Do not write on it and do not put it in your back pocket, as that would be perceived as being very rude, i.e. not respecting the giver of the card.

Business Etiquette Guide for Asia – Gift-Giving

Gift-giving is most visible in countries such as Korea and Japan, although many businesspeople in Chinese countries, including Taiwan and Hong Kong, exchange token gifts. Gifts should be business related rather than personal items. In a business setting, your gift will be received with both hands, then most likely put away to be opened later. Present the gift with both hands to the leader of the Asian side or to each person individually,
usually after the formal meeting while everyone is preparing to leave. When you receive a gift, accept it graciously with two hands. Thank the gift giver and then put it away with care to be opened later.

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