Bahrain Business and Workplace Culture. Bahraini information on acceptable business etiquette, dress, business cards, gifts, Business Meetings, and Negotiations, etc. -Bahrainis tend to be calm when in a formal business setting -Decisions are not made quickly, it is important to not seem impatient or eager. That is a sign of disrespect. -Avoid hard selling tactics. -Prolonged greetings and exchanges are common before the meeting actually starts. -Women tend to give hugs when meeting other women, even if they have not met before. -There is no set time schedule for meetings in Bahrain. They tend to begin on time and run long. -Private settings are more preferred for meetings rather than public areas. -Proposals and contracts should remain simple. -Business cards should be exchanged with everyone that attends the meeting. Be prepared to hand out several. -Avoid looking at your watch during the meeting.

Bahrain Business and Workplace Etiquette

Bahrain Business Meeting AsiaBahrain Business and Workplace Etiquette. Bahrain Business Attire – the Business dress is very conservative. -Men wear lightweight, quality suits. -Women dress as conservatively as possible. They will avoid showing the legs and arms. Behavior -Bahrainis have little concept of personal space. They tend to talk in very close quarters. -Maintaining a good relationship is very important to Bahrainis. As a result, they may ask personal questions -Touching is common during the discussion. -Smiling and eye contact is crucial during greetings.

Bahrain Business and Gift Giving

Bahrain Business Gift Giving AsiaBahrain Business Gift Giving. Gift Giving -Gifts are not usually given at the initial business meeting. It is better to wait until the 2nd or 3rd meeting. -If given a gift, avoid opening the gift in front of the giver unless requested. -Give a gift with two hands. It shows that you are sincere. -Flowers should not be given to men but can be presented to women. Appropriate Gifts: chocolates, a souvenir from your country, or company product Gifts to Avoid: flowers, plants, perfumes, and alcohol, pork products.

Bahrain Business Conversation

Bahrain Business Conversations AsiaBahrain Business Communication Conversation -Bahrainis tend to communicate indirectly when meeting in large groups. -Bahrainis also tend to say what people are hoping to hear because they do not want to make anyone uncomfortable. -Remember to be patient. Bahrainis respond slowly to questions. They like to take notes and compose their thoughts before answering. -Titles are very important. ‘Sheikh’ is a good title to use for older men – Avoid saying ‘no’ without explanation. It is considered rude to not explain why one disagrees. Topics to Discuss: Soccer, food, business. Topics to Avoid: Religion, women, family, government.

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