Iran Business and Workplace Culture. Iranian information on acceptable business etiquette, dress, business cards, gifts, Business Meeting, and Negotiations, etc. -Be punctual, and confirm date and time prior to the meeting. -When addressing your Iranian business partner you may find names to be confusing, so it is best to use their names in English. Upon being introduced take note of his name and proper pronunciation. -For men use “agha” preceding the surname and “khanoom” with women. Ex: Jim Smith will be ‘Agha-e Smith’ or Karen Adams will be ‘Khanoom-e Adams.’ -When greeting, shake hands. Businesswomen should wait for the man to initiate the greeting. If you are a businessman greeting an Iranian woman, wait for her to initiate or just simply smile and nod your head. -Carry multiple business cards because they will be exchanged often. Expect Farsi on one side and English on the other. -Commonly Iranian companies are family run, so for them, business is personal.

Iran Business and Workplace Etiquette

Iran Business Meeting AsiaIran Business and Workplace Etiquette. Iran Business Attire -Iranians are very conservative regarding wardrobe so expect; the chest, shoulders, stomach, calves, thighs, and hair (women) to be covered. -Men wear a long sleeve jacket and shirt with a collar and pants. Ties are uncommon. Avoid wearing jewelry; specifically around the neck. -Women dress modestly in loose clothing. Behavior – Alcohol and pork are not consumed by those that observe the Muslim religion. – The left hand is considered unclean and used for hygiene purposes; avoid using it to eat or touching things. – The thumbs up hand gesture are considered offensive. – Avoid crossing your legs while sitting or showing the bottoms of your feet! -Whenever two men arrive at a doorway, the one on the right always enters first, regardless of respective rank.

Iran Business and Gift Giving

Iran Business Gift Giving AsiaIran Business Gift Giving. Gift Giving – When giving a gift use discretion and modesty; avoid overly lavish and expensive gifts or it may be viewed as bribery. – Be sure that your gift is of good quality and make. – The most senior person should always receive the gift. Appropriate Gifts: – Perfume/cologne, gifts of beauty or quality or food items from your native country. Offer to do a favor Gifts to Avoid: – alcohol, perfumes containing alcohol, pigskin products, personal items, sharp objects, toy dogs or pictures of dogs.

Iran Business Conversation

Iran Business Conversations AsiaIran Business Communication. Conversation
– The majority of Iranians speak Farsi (Persian), but within international business companies, there should be an English speaker on staff. – The most common greeting in Iran is ‘salam’ (which is a shortened term translating to “peace be with you’) and is repeated back. – It is important to establish a personal relationship prior to conducting business. – It is considered rude to talk business right away, so smooth transition after a personal conversation. – Loud speech and raucous laughter are considered vulgar. – Iranians are deliberate negotiators who can drive a hard bargain. – Personal relationships form the basis of business dealings. Topics to Discuss: – Iranian culture, and history, education, sports (soccer), current affairs Topics to Avoid: – The Revolution of 1979, Iranian-US relations and Israeli foreign and domestic policy, personal question, negative comments regarding Iran

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