Kuwait Business and Workplace Culture. Kuwaiti information on acceptable business etiquette, dress, business cards, gifts, Business Meetings, and Negotiations, etc. -Greetings between members of the same sex consist of a handshake. In all cases they are given with a sense of enthusiasm and general pleasure at meeting or seeing the person again. – Between members of the opposite sex, wait to see if a woman extends her hand. – Kuwaitis take time during the greeting process to converse about their health, family, mutual friends and acquaintances, and other general matters of interest. – Kuwaitis have a unique system of last names. The third and fourth names are the grandfather’s personal name and a name that denotes the family lineage. Both names generally start with the prefix “al”. So the name Suleyman Al-Ahmed Al- Mustafa Al-Sabah means Suleyman, son of Ahmed, grandson of Mustafa of the Sabah family/tribe. -Many businessmen prefer to have meetings in the early evening. -Show respect for the elders by greeting them first.

Kuwait Business and Workplace Etiquette

Kuwait Business Meeting AsiaKuwait Business and Workplace Etiquette. Kuwait Business Attire -Kuwaitis judge on appearances so dress and present yourself well. -Men wear lightweight, good quality, conservative suits, at least to the initial meeting. -Women should be aware of offending and refrain from wearing revealing or tight-fitting clothing. Behavior -Kuwaitis are an event rather than time-driven. The event of getting together is more important than the timeliness of the meeting or the outcome. -Kuwait is a hierarchical society. Many companies are structured around the family. Decisions usually come from the top after determining a consensus of the various stakeholders. -Remember that Muslims pray five times a day. Be sensitive and allow meetings to be interrupted if they coincide with prayer time.

Kuwait Business and Gift Giving

Kuwait Business Gift Giving AsiaKuwait Business Gift Giving. Gift Giving -Gifts are not opened when received. -If a man must give a gift to a woman, he should say that it is from his wife, mother, sister, or some other female relative. Appropriate Gifts: imported chocolates and pastries; a small gift or book from your home country. Gifts to Avoid: alcohol, items containing pork products.

Kuwait Business Conversation

Kuwait Business Conversations AsiaKuwait Business Communication Conversation -Business will only be discussed once an atmosphere of trust and friendship has been established. -Kuwaitis are shrewd negotiators who are especially interested in price. -Repeating your main points indicates you are telling the truth. -Problems should be discussed outside the meeting in a one-onone situation rather than in the group meeting room. -They respect education, so carefully mention if you have an advanced degree, especially if it is from a prestigious university. – You must be patient since impatience is viewed as criticism of the culture. Topics to Discuss: Sports, leisure activities, Kuwaiti culture and cuisine Topics to Avoid: Asking about a Kuwaiti’s wife or female relative, the gulf war, religion, politics, criticizing the government.

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