Qatar Business and Workplace Culture. Qatari information on acceptable business etiquette, dress, business cards, gifts, Business Meetings, and Negotiations, etc. -Personal contact is essential to building trust. Prior to starting the formal meeting, there should be time allowed for chit chat and getting to know each other. -When greeting men tend to shake hands and kiss on the cheeks. Women may simply nod their heads in recognition. Unless a female extends her hand does not offer yours. -Business cards should be exchanged and studied before placing them in your pocket. -Contracts do not always have to be written. Therefore, be careful what is said because it can be perceived as a promise. – Make sure to be prompt to meetings, however, Qataris tend to be late. – Do not lose your temper. Remaining calm and composed is respected. – When in a meeting avoid looking at the clock. -The word ‘no’ is rarely used during meetings, however, that does not mean the answer is ‘yes’. -Avoid being in a room only with a female. It is viewed as very disrespectful.

Qatar Business and Workplace Etiquette

Qatar Business Meeting AsiaQatar Business and Workplace Etiquette. Business Attire -Men and women dress very conservatively. – Men will dress either in traditional Muslim clothing or a conservative brown or black business suit. -Women wear traditional Muslim wear, not too form fitting, along with a headdress, known as a ‘Hijab’. Behavior -Qataris naturally interrupt during presentations to get clarification versus waiting until the end. -Note the time of the meeting, if prayer falls during that time expect to break for a brief moment. – Qataris have a negotiation style that is calm, but firm. It is a very slow process.

Qatar Business and Gift Giving

Qatar Business Gift Giving AsiaQatar Business Gift Giving. Gift Giving -Qatar is a Muslim country. When giving gifts be sensitive to Islamic beliefs and customs. -Gifts are very common in Arab business culture and should be high quality. -Avoid generic company gifts. For example, a hat with the companies logo. -Make sure to give the gift with both hands and present it to the most senior person. Appropriate Gifts: Sweets, flowers, fruits, high-quality items Gifts to Avoid: Perfumes, alcohol, anything made with the pigskin.

Qatar Business Conversation

Qatar Business Conversations AsiaQatar Business Communication. Conversation -Be careful when giving compliments. Do not compliment possessions. – If you are going to compliment, focus on actions, personality, or business ideas. -When starting a conversation, address the most senior person first. -Remain in close distance when talking to show respect. Keep eye contact. -Always ask about the family as a whole, avoid asking about a single person, especially daughters or wife. -Ask before taking pictures. Some Qataris are against being photographed. Topics to Discuss: Family, business, sports, Qatar’s economic growth Topics to Avoid: women, politics, religion, dogs (which are viewed unclean)

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