Top 15 of the Largest Databases in the World. There are currently organizations around the world in the business of amassing collections of things, and their collections number into and above the trillions. In many cases these collections, or databases, consist of items we use every day. In this list, our site cover the top 10 largest databases in the world (plus a few more added for the fun of it). Using the search engines to find information, the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) will nearly always come up with many different sites giving the same answer about the top 10 databases (Starting from Year 2010 up to last year 2015). The actual source of information is more or less unknown. The top ten list is nearly always like this: No. 1. The World Data Centre for Climate. No. 2. National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC_. No. 3. AT&T. No. 4. Google. No. 5. Sprint. No. 6. ChoicePoint / LexisNexis. No. 7. YouTube. No. 8. Amazon. No. 9. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). No. 10. Library of Congress.

Websites with large Databases

websites-with-large-databasesThere are various databases around the world using technology similar to that found in our countdown’s second largest database NERSC. The technology is known as High Performance Storage System or HPSS. Several other massive HPSS databases include Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique Direction des Applications Militaires, and more.. The site formerly known as The Internet Archive, has gone through a massive redesign. The site hadn’t changed much since around 2002, but a lot has changed since then. The Internet Archive has done even more growing since the early days. Archiving everything on the Internet, the site gives you free access to digital media including books, music, games, videos, and much more. The collection is currently estimated at around 10 petabytes, and as their webcrawlers keep crawling, it will continue to grow.

10 Large Databases You Should Know About

10-large-databases-you-should-know-aboutTen Large Databases. Surely sites like Wikipedia and IMDb instantly spring to mind, but you might not be in the need of all that knowledge ever, or a comprehensive database of all things entertainment. Sometimes you need a bit of VLDB (Very Large Data-Base) flavor. Something to spice up your data analysis. Something to put the “big” in your big data.
– No. 1 – The World Data Centre for Climate
– No. 2 – National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center
– No. 3 – AT&T
– No. 4 – Google
– No. 5 – Sprint
– No. 6 – ChoicePoint / LexisNexis
– No. 7 – YouTube
– No. 8 – Amazon
– No. 9 – Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
– No. 10 – Library of Congress

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