E-learning has Taken the World by Storm. E-Learning – The future landscape of learning and development. Whilst many want to learn at point of their need, many prefer learning at convenient timings or during weekends or on their daily commute to and from work. E-learning has now become ubiquitous and has taken the world by storm. People are more aware of the wonders it can do for both tutors and learners. While it’s making the lives of tutors easier by cutting down costs and efforts invested, it’s doing more good for learners across the globe in the development of quality learning content. Key advantage of imparting training on various concepts via e-learning tools, on multiple platforms and devices, is that it ensures tutors are in sync with modern-age learners, thus delivering the type of content they want, when they want it.

The Future Landscape of Learning and Development

Research suggests that e-learning reduces other frills involved in learning by at least 25-55 percent when compared to traditional learning. Learn more about it here: The future landscape of learning and development. E-learning also reduces time required for learner’s participation in training.

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