City University of Hong Kong H.K. The number 22 employer best-rated university education in Asia for employment and the degree likely to boost your future career. Since CityU’s establishment as a university in 1994, a rich range of factors has contributed to our success as one of the world’s most dynamic young universities in terms of nurturing excellent graduates and developing research that directly benefits society. The quality of our research and teaching, as well as the employability of our graduates and the strengths of our individual areas of specialisation, strongly positions us in a number of international surveys.

In terms of pioneering work, we have raised the bar by launching the first-ever undergraduate programme in veterinary medicine in Hong Kong at our new College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences. The College will contribute significantly to research into public and animal health, food safety, agriculture and animal welfare in Hong Kong and the region. Similarly, our Institute for Advanced Study adds an impressive intellectual dimension to campus activities, marking a new phase in the promotion of innovative research in strategic areas such as Smart City, Digital Society and One Health by world-leading scholars, Nobel laureates and academicians.

Our education philosophy encourages each student to make an original discovery with support via state-of-the-art technology, funding and learning spaces. Our unique Discovery-enriched Curriculum immerses young people in the processes that lie behind every discovery and innovation, producing the critical skills needed for today’s globalised job market.

Recent achievements among current students and alumni include a highly inventive wheelchair that helps users get in and out of automobiles and a film director winning a major international award, to name just two.

Research is boosted by the expertise collected at our various research centres. Two State Key Laboratories are housed at CityU, one for Millimeter Waves and one for Marine Pollution, and one Chinese National Engineering Research Center: the Hong Kong Branch of National Precious Metals Material Engineering Research Center. These prestigious facilities enrich the context in which our research projects can develop.

Our burgeoning global presence has stimulated a drive to internationalise the campus and the student body. Thousands of CityU students head overseas for exchanges every year. To help develop a greater understanding among our students of the world’s diverse cultures and environments, we aim to enable 65% to join an overseas exchange, and thanks to community support and donations, this target is a reality.

Our momentum looks set to continue as we expand our campus, building more space for research laboratories and for collaborative learning opportunities, and making CityU a truly exciting place in which to study and research.

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