Waseda University, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. The number 7 employer best-rated university education in Asia for employment and the degree likely to boost your future career. Waseda University, a top institution of higher education based in central Tokyo, has 50,000 students in 13 undergraduate and 21 postgraduate schools. It was founded on three principles: academic independence, practical innovation, and enlightened citizenship. Waseda’s mission is to build leaders, and it does, producing seven prime ministers and countless other leaders in government, business, journalism, science, literature and the arts. Waseda is Japan’s most global campus, with over 5000 international students from 100 countries, and partnerships with over 600 prominent institutions in 84 countries.

With 50 all-English degree programs, students can learn Japanese in parallel to their major studies, while enjoying the many benefits of living in Tokyo, one of the greatest global cities, voted the world’s safest, cleanest, most hospitable city, with the world’s best public transport and the most Michelin-starred restaurants. It is also one of the world’s top 3 cities for students.

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