Global e-Learning Market Trends 2019-2023. E-learning market trends and forecast from today and up to 2023. The state of the eLearning market globally continues to shift, grow, and evolve. This is illustrated by increasing budget allocations for eLearning programs, the growing prevalence of eLearning in various geographic markets around the world, new trends in emerging technologies and tools that support e-Learning, and the swelling role of social learning as a top learning and development (L&D) priority. The size of the eLearning market is estimated likely to be exceeding USD 240 Billion in 2023. Factors such as the possibility of allocating a lower budget for eLearning purposes (compared to traditional education methods,) together with increased flexibility in learning are expected to drive industry growth.

E-learning Constantly Improving and Evolving

E-learning Constantly Improving and EvolvingUser experience across eLearning tools continues to undergo constant improvement, as the service suppliers provide these educational tools through newest available technologies and users are able to benefit from a visually engaging interface and a media-driven learning experience. Further, these services are expected to boost employee productivity, a large part of the reason many firms opt for e-Learning solutions over traditional learning methods. Clearly, this factor is also anticipated to positively impact the eLearning market demand over the next five years. The e-Learning sector will most likely benefit from the rising interest in distance learning, as well as the expanded use of these services on smartphones, tablets, other mobile devices, and wearable technology. These factors open several possible growth paths for industries engaged in eLearning products and services.

Report about e-Learning Trends by Docebo

DOCEBO - E-Learning and Learning Management Systems LMSThe global L&D (Learning & Development) industry is complicated, with many moving parts, disruptive technologies, and shifting priorities. That’s why Docebo have developed Elearning market trends and forecast 2017-2021, a complete report outlining the global state of L&D and eLearning in particular. For this comprehensive report, the company has pored over metrics and insights pulled together by some of the leading analyst voices in the space. They have also collected a wide array of data and statistics that show how eLearning is changing and evolving. Docebo is a software as a service artificial intelligence platform for e-learning, also known as a learning management system (LMS). Established in 2005, Docebo offers a learning portal for companies and their employees, partners, and customers.

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