Expat Jobs in Indonesia – Expatriate Career Sites. Job search for foreigners in Indonesia. Work opportunities and employment information. In the Indonesia Jobs for Expatriates you can find lots of sources and website links for your next career and opportunity move. Expat Jobs in Indonesia. Visit our main Indonesia site under Indonesia Jobs for Expats and Foreigners  by following the link. And on this blog post, please always feel welcome to add job information and your comments. English teaching jobs in Southeast Asia are some of the most sought after international teaching positions. Learn more about teaching English in Indonesia (one of the ten ASEAN) Southeast Asian countries.

Indonesian Jobs for English-Speaking Expats

Indonesian Jobs for English-Speaking ExpatsIndonesia Jobs for Expatriates. This is our new blog about Indonesia jobs for English-speaking expatriates, both Asian and Western. Visit our main Indonesia site under Find Jobs in Jakarta and Indonesia by following the link. Here you can join, inform, ask, discuss and write about following topics: Top 10 Job Websites in Indonesia. Best Companies or Industry to Work for. Indonesian Expat Job and Support Forums. Experiences, God or Bad, Past or Present. The Future? Employment and Recruitment Issues in Indonesia. Online Job Scams – Recruiter Problems, etc. Whatever you may think of, relevant to other readers. Please feel welcome to comment (Thanks).

Indonesian Freelance Jobs for Expats in English

Asia and ASEAN freelance jobs and work projects todayIndonesian Freelance Jobs, Jakarta Freelancer Work Projects. Visit our main Indonesia site under Indonesia Freelance Jobs by following the link. Up until now Indonesian freelancers are still mostly being sought out for ASEAN IT & Programming and Asian Design & Multimedia jobs, which probably make up a combined 60 percent of jobs posted on Indonesian freelancer platforms. Some of the less sought-after jobs, at least for now, are Indonesian Finance & Management, Indonesian Sales and Marketing Projects, and Indonesian Engineering & Manufacturing.

Indonesian Job and Work Links – Find more important information

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