Five most In-Demand Career Fields for Freelance Work. More people are freelancing now than ever before. According statistics, roughly 15.5 million people in the US are self-employed. And that number that is expected to grow: as estimated in the Intuit 2020 report, about 60 million people will work independently as contractors and freelancers by the year 2020. Many choose the freelance lifestyle because they can work from wherever they want. Today’s technology makes it easy to deliver material over email, and most freelancers have tried working at the beach or beside the pool. It may be tempting to want to drop your current job and become your own boss. But before you put in your two weeks’ notice, be aware of the high cost of those freelance-life realities (paying for your own retirement and health care). Career website FlexJobs has identified the companies who have hired freelancers in the past few months and whittled it down to the five most in-demand career fields for freelance work.

The 5 Jobs to Consider If You Want to Freelance Full Time

The 5 Jobs to Consider If You Want to Freelance Full TimeMedical and Health: If you’ve worked as a clinical psychologist, medical coder, or clinical nurse, you could freelance in the medical and health fields, according to FlexJobs. Education: Companies are searching for virtual teachers — yes, that’s a thing — as well as adjunct faculty and instructional designers who can work on a freelance basis or remotely. Project Management: If you’ve dreamed of working for Facebook, this could be your chance. The social media giant is just one among many companies searching for product managers, sourcing managers, and program managers willing to work freelance basis, according to the site. Computer and IT: You can easily put your computer and coding savvy to freelance use as a web developer, senior network engineer, or systems administrator, FlexJobs says. Accounting and Finance: Calling all financial analysts, accountants, and fraud officers! You can work for big brands — think American Express or Bloomberg — and still be your own boss.

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