Forum for Job and Work in Asia. Very soon we are going to set up a discussion forum as part of this site. (Update September 2016 – Our Asean Business Community has been removed from the internet). We just don’t have the time to maintain a forum). We haven’t really decided yet why and for which reason we are doing it. We guess there must be some interesting things to talk about in the future regarding the professional work environment. Things we consider to include is, the next generation, how do we provide them the right skills, in the right time and at the right place? Mobilizing the workforce must be a strong effort to match new skills with the new kind of jobs in the future. Maybe we can have discussions about Asia’s and ASEAN short- to mid-term  employment strategies, especially now where South East Asia is becoming the Asian Economic Community in 2016 or 2017.

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The FutureWork Forum

For those very few in Thailand, and hopefully, a few thousand more in Asia, who are interested in the future of work and working environment, maybe you can go to this site to learn more, for the time being: The FutureWork Forum is a global think tank of more than 20 independent consultants devoted to reviewing, researching, reporting and responding to issues around the future of work. FutureWork Forum partners use their knowledge, experience and unique access to help organizations in both the private and public sector solve tomorrow’s work problems today

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