ASEAN Freelancer Job and Work projects Online. According to, the ten Southeast Asian countries, ASEAN or ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is going to drive future Asian freelance work growth. Currently, this major freelancer work and job site has more than 14.4 million users on its platform. The company hopes to hit 15 million users by May this year, and at least 15.5 million by the end of this year. A substantial part of the growth is expected to come from South-East Asia. At the moment they have over 1.5 million users from South-East Asia (ASEAN). The company has seen a huge growth in the number of South-East Asian (ASEAN) professionals – close to 500,000 new users in the last 12 months.

ASEAN Hiring of Freelance Talent Online

asean-hiring-of-freelance-talent-onlineSingapore Spending More On Freelancers. Singapore, which is also a member of the ASEAN ten nations group, is also the top Asian market for hiring freelance talent online and a top 10 market globally. Businesses in Singapore spent 46% more on hiring freelancers online versus 2013. Technology is the largest category of online work in Singapore (at 60% of total spend). But from which countries are these Singapore companies sourcing workers? They are not from North America, Europe or Australia. A freelancer, who has worked as a developer himself in Singapore said that many – maybe most – of the staff developers and designers in Singapore were from other neighboring Asian/ASEAN countries, mainly Burmese (Myanmar), Filipinos, and Indians.

ASEAN Top Freelance Nations

asean-top-freelance-nationsASEAN Top Freelancers: 1.3 Million Filipinos and 100,000 Indonesians. Elance-oDesk claim to run the world’s largest freelance job market. There are 9.7 million registered freelancers on the two sites, 4.9 million of whom are based in Asia. Vietnam and Singapore (both ASEAN) has around 40,000 registered users each, Thailand, another ASEAN member has about 20,000 freelancers registered. However, it must be noticed, that freelancers registered in Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore (or any other country) aren’t necessarily Filipinos, Indonesians or Singaporeans. They may come from any country around the world, but just presently residing in a country not their own.

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