Cambodian Freelance Jobs, Phnom Penh Work Projects. Up until now Cambodian freelancers are still mostly being sought out for ASEAN IT & Programming and Asian Design & Multimedia jobs, which probably make up a combined 60 percent of jobs posted on Cambodian freelancer platforms. Please also visit our new Cambodia Job Blog for Expats where you can join, inform, ask, discuss and write about many interesting job and work topics. Some of the less sought-after jobs, at least for now, are Cambodian Finance & Management (around 2 percent of total jobs posted), Cambodian Sales and Marketing Projects (around 9 percent), and Cambodian Engineering & Manufacturing (around 2 percent); however these categories enjoy the strongest earnings growth. This shows that in general companies are becoming more confident about the work quality and interested in using Cambodian freelancer and Phnom Penh independent contractors.

Cambodia Co-Working Space for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

Cambodia and ASEAN Freelance Jobs, Cambodia and Asian Work Projects. Singapore is the top ASEAN market for hiring freelance talent online and a top 10 market globally. Businesses in Singapore spent 46% more on hiring freelancers online versus last year.Technology is the largest category of online work in Singapore, accounting for 60% of total spend. The four fastest-growing categories in Singapore are; Technology, Design & Multimedia, Writing & Translation, and Admin Support.

Cambodia and ASEAN Freelancing Superpowers

The Philippines is locked in a dead heat with Indonesia and Vietnam to become the next great hub for freelancing in ASEAN (Southeast Asia). The Philippines has the second-highest number of freelancers. However, Indonesia is not trailing far behind. The pool of freelancers in the Philippines is skilled at copy typing and Microsoft Excel – while their Indonesian counterparts are good at graphic design and article writing. The freelancers in Vietnam tend to get a lot of PHP-related jobs because PHP is one of the top three skills in the country.

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