Asian Freelance Jobs – Hire or Find Asia Freelancers Online. The last few years have created a perfect condition for freelancers and independent contractors to get lots of work.  Both Asian local as well as the international business had to cut their budgets and staff following the recession, and have since turned to freelance and contract labor to fill in the gaps while saving on payroll costs. This, coupled with a surge in specialized and dedicated freelance job websites, online communities, and social network referrals, has allowed many Asian, ASEAN, and Middle Eastern individuals to capitalize on their skill sets and market themselves as an independent, full-time freelancer.

Asia Freelance Job Superpowers

asia-freelance-job-superpowersAsian Freelancing Superpowers. India and China is booming with freelance jobs and a lot of people is cashing in on this trend. Finding freelance job sites in India is easy, as there are many local made websites where freelancers can find specialized work and companies can post their work projects. In China it is slightly less easy to find freelancer websites. We have only found a few specialized sites for freelancer jobs. Another way for English speakers to find freelance jobs is to go to China-focused expat job boards. FreelancerChina and Witmart are probably two of the most well-known freelancer and outsourcing platforms in China.

Asian Freelancers Jobs and Independent Work Projects

asian-freelancers-jobs-and-independent-work-projectsAsian Freelance Jobs and Work Projects. As read above, India and China head up the freelance ranking in Asia. Next on the list is Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam which follow on their heels (See under ASEAN for more information). And Bangladesh is a new and emerging entrant to the freelancer job scene in Asia. Also in Pakistan, the online freelance economy has been credited with providing new employment opportunities where there were none.

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