Middle East Freelance Jobs and Projects Online Sites. This latest information gives you, the Middle Eastern resident or online freelancer, the opportunity to tap into the fastest-growing multi trillion dollar Middle East market. In the current shaky but recovering Middle East job market, freelancing can open up a host of opportunities for professionals to earn supplementary income, or even as a primary source of income. But how lucrative is this option perceived to be for professionals in the Middle East and North Africa? Middle East Freelance Jobs poll survey was collected online not so long ago with nearly 10,000 respondents covering the UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia.

Middle East Freelance Jobs and Opportunities

The highlights showed that: Seven in 10 professionals in the Middle East and North Africa think that freelancing is a good option for those working in the region. 69% of respondents said they would consider freelancing on a full-time basis. 44% of respondents are connected to five or more professionals who work as freelancers. 53% of respondents said their company outsources work to freelancers. 30% of respondents said companies hire freelancers because it is considered to be a cheaper option than hiring a full-time employee. Nabbesh.com freelance site Middle EastNabbesh.com of Dubai was founded in 2012 as a solution for the Middle East region’s growing unemployment challenges by connecting talented individuals with flexible and virtual work opportunities. When creating Nabbesh their focus was to encourage people in the Middle East region, particularly the women and the youth, to find work opportunities that are suitable for their experiences while addressing their lifestyle demands. Today, the Nabbesh community has around 50,000 talented men, women and youth to fulfill any job requirement or job.


Middle East Freelance and Gig Jobs Opportunity

Tasmeemme.com Freelance Jobs in the Arab and Middle East WorldTasmeemme.com/en Tasmeem Middle East (tasmeemME) is the first regional online networking site dedicated to creative designers. Both companies and individuals can share work, find the right designer to help get a project done, and connect with fellow designers. TasmeemME’s vision is to provide a melting pot of Middle Eastern designers with the opportunity to showcase their creativity, network with other talented designers and organizations, and have a site to post or find job opportunities in their fields within the region, and eventually to opportunities internationally.

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