Hot trend corporate culture and management technique. Common Sense: The Key To An Empowered Workplace. Recently, the “empowered workplace” has become popular, especially among tech-oriented companies. In empowered workplaces, many of the rigid rules of conduct such as fixed work hours, locations, and job responsibilities are loosened to create a more flexible and creative environment. Hot trends in corporate culture and management technique evolve from decade to decade, often in alignment with prevailing social trends. Workplaces adopt the philosophy that how the work is done is less important than the quality and creativity of the work produced.

Common Sense: The Key To An Empowered Workplace

Personal responsibility and self-awareness are key. Empowerment is all about balance. Read more here: Common Sense: The Key To An Empowered Workplace. This is a Millennial problem. Millennials seem to exhibit a sense of entitlement often transcends logic.


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