The Small Budget Approach A successful idea management program (IMS) which encourages and rewards innovation does not have to be complicated or expensive to run. It just requires a passion for turning good ideas into reality. Employee Involvement (EI): Employee suggestion systems (or employee suggestion schemes) are the oldest form of employee involvement. They have shown an amazing staying power, transitioning them from “the box on the wall” to the continuous improvement model and further on to innovation & idea management systems involving such wider areas as: Applied corporate creativity & innovation, Employee communication and involvement, Organizational motivation (especially reward and recognition), The learning organization & Employee Idea Mining, Knowledge – & Innovation Management, Project -, Information – & Complaints Management.

Employee Involvement (EI)

Employee involvement (EI) and Employee suggestion systemsEmployee suggestions schemes have come in and out of vogue, but where they are well implemented (by industry professionals) they can be very effective. Your staffs often has some of the best ideas for innovation or cutting bureaucracy but if relationships with line management are poor, they may not feel they can offer them. Staff suggestion schemes can encourage ideas and the best ideas can be singled out for praise in the staff newsletter or at an awards event. Often, small token prizes are offered. The scheme needs to be well publicised and managed for it to be effective, with evidence that staff contributions are implemented. Suggestion schemes are deceptively simple but take a lot of effort to get right. And most importantly, nearly everywhere in the business world, there is a sense of need to understand the changes necessary to fully integrate suggestion systems (IDMs) in the innovation management, employee involvement, continuous improvement, total quality or “lean” and recognition architectures of organizations.

Idea System on a Shoestring

Including a Case Study from a business we just call John Doe Company, a total of 25 slides. PowerPoint Presentation (Download) Idea System on a Shoestring. Please email us contact (at) or use our contact form.

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