Job and Work Skills – The Growing Importance of Social Skills. Social skills are important in the modern labour market because computers are still very poor at simulating the human interaction. Skill in social settings has evolved in humans over thousands of years. Human interaction in the workplace involves team production, with workers playing off of each other’s strengths and adapting flexibly to changing circumstances. Such non-routine interaction is at the heart of the human advantage over machines. Social skills are learned early in life but are not expressed in academic outcomes such as reading and math achievement, and if they are important for adult outcomes such as employment and earnings.

Job and Work Skills in the Future

Job and Work Skills WorkforceJob and Work Skills. What Skills Will We Need for the Jobs of the Future? As markets, jobs and activities evolve, new skills become needed. Companies will have to work in collaboration with individuals and educational institutions in order to develop these capabilities. As trends like technological expansion, interconnectivity, collaboration and increased individual responsibility begin to transform the way we live and work—organizations all over the world are trying to predict possible scenarios and challenges for the next few decades. Technological advances, along with socio-economic and demographic developments, will continue to impact society in the next decade—causing changes in business models, teaching strategies and workplace arrangements. Are professionals, employers and educational institutions ready for the challenge of developing the new skills this future will demand?

Corporate Learning must Grow Stronger

Corporate learning the 10 social job skillsWhen it comes to employers some experts recommend leading the way and taking responsibility for developing the skills needed for business success. Collaboration is recommended and will play a key role in this success. This includes collaboration with the education and training sector to access critical skills, industry-wide collaboration by business to address key skills challenges and collaboration with government to develop sustainable career and learning pathways for young people. The Top 10 job and work skills that will be in demand in the near future are:

Complex Problem-SolvingCritical thinkingCreativityPeople managementCoordinating with othersEmotional intelligenceJudgment and decision-makingService orientationNegotiationCognitive flexibility

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