Job-hoppers and the Multicultural Experience. Job-hopping is the new norm for young workers. In the past employees would give everything to remain faithful to just one particular job for a long time. Now, recruiters aren’t surprised to see applicants who move from one job to another in quick intervals. The industry term for them is ‘job-hoppers’. Job-hopping is the act of moving to another company in a year or two due to better opportunities and pay offer. Job-hoppers hold multiple jobs in a year. This new phenomenon is accepted and unlike in the past, HR managers don’t throw someone’s application in the rejection pile based on their job-hopping history.

Job-hopping is the new norm for young workers
Multicultural Experience. Studies have revealed that job-hopping will benefit certain kind of workers. Especially, people working in the technological field will accumulate immense cultural and diverse knowledge by job-hopping. Job-hopping is the new norm for young workers. Learn about the pros and cons of job-hopping, the latest trend among the young.

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