Job for Foreigner in Europe. Job Situation in Europe for People over 40. For the following 5 countries: France, Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom (UK). In recent years, the employment scenario has tipped in favor of older candidates who are looking for fresh jobs. The situation was quite bleak over the past two decades, but that has significantly improved now, especially in Europe. Various publications have released statistics on the improving job situation for people over 40 in Europe. There are some common reasons that are being spoken about. This could be heartening news for you if you are over 40 too and are planning on a job shift or maybe even a career shift. So, why is the job situation improving? These are the reasons that are being spoken about.

Current European 40+ generation is more techs-savvy

current-european-40-generation-is-more-techs-savvyPeople who hit 40 two decades ago did not have computers when they were growing up. For them, the sudden intrusion of digital technology was too difficult to take. But the 40+ people of the current generation grew up with computers and the Internet in the 90s. They are already aware of this technology and it isn’t quite difficult for them to hone their skills with the requirements of the day. The present 40+ generation is willing to experiment more. Gone are the days when people would stick with one company for life. Now is the time of personal enhancement, irrespective of age. New educational courses are being designed for older people, and once their students have equipped themselves with the knowledge, they are ready to go an experiment with their new jobs. Age is no longer a limit to try out new boundaries.

France, Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom (UK)
Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Ukraine
Austria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary and Portugal
Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta and Switzerland

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