Made in USA – Premium Basics Clothing Products. Made (and Making It) in the U.S.A. A fabric-cutting manager in North Carolina, talks about the pride and dignity that’s come from having a career in American manufacturing. There’s one small way that clothing companies have been able to keep their merchandise made in America: by making it cool. L.L. Bean makes its best-selling boots in Maine, and the San Francisco-startup American Giant is capitalizing on Silicon Valley’s fondness for hoodies by selling its U.S.-made high-end hoodies online. The company employs tradesmen in North Carolina to manufacture its premium basics clothing products.

Made (and Making It) in the U.S.A.

Over 12 million Americans still work in manufacturing, the sector has lost more than 5 million jobs since 2000 due to outsourcing and automation. Read full article here Made (and Making It) in the U.S.A.. American manufacturing has been one of the talking points in the presidential election, with one candidate proposing to dramatically hike import taxes in a bid to bring manufacturing jobs back stateside

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