Mini-Garden Tips for Asian Condo or Apartment Dwellers. Basics training of starting an apartment vegetable or plant garden. If you live in a condo, apartment, or in a home with limited outdoor space, you are not alone. In fact, more and more Asian and ASEAN young and older people now live in condominiums or apartments. Especially if you live in the largest cities around in Asia. If you like natural green surroundings you don’t have to worry. With a little creativity and some small preparation, you’ll be able to garden whether you prefer veggies, flowers, or a little bit of both. Balcony gardening can be an easy way to liven up your living space, recycle air and reduce stress. And of course you will help to make your city and the environment more green.

Take up container gardening in Asia

Take up container gardening in AsiaOne of the most space effective ways for you to garden in your apartment is via a technique called container gardening. Container gardening is the practice of exclusively growing fruits, vegetables, and plants in recycled containers or brand new pots of course, whatever you can get your hand on. Gardening is no longer the exclusive pastime of homeowners with large yards. Almost anything can be grown in a container as long as you give your potted plants the same love and care you would a regular garden. Plan before you plant. Where you place your containers will depend on the types of flowers or vegetables you’re growing. Some plants need full sun, while others prefer a little (or a lot of) shade. The beauty of container gardening is that you can move pots to more favorable conditions if they’re not thriving in their original location.

Condo and Apartment Gardens for Asia City Life

Condo and Apartment GardensIf you are new to gardening then concentrate on what does well in your area. To find this out you need to do extra homework; the time you put into understanding your local climate and its variations in detail will be valuable in the long run. Gardening in Bangkok is not the same as gardening in Tokyo because of the different climate zones. Learn more about city gardening here Condo and Apartment Gardens for Bangkok City Life. They are “new” urban gardeners trying to learn themselves about plants and vegetable growing in containers. Humidity, over-watering, under-watering, poor soil and unidentified critters: plants die for a whole range of reasons. This linked website will try to explain many of these different things to you. They also teach you about composting and vermiculture (the process of using worms to decompose organic food waste) and much, much more.

Container Gardening Asia – Social Media Links
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