The right attitude for the workplace can be nurtured. Visionaries create jobs. Learning on the job, and working to a high standard of precision can’t be taught at school, but the right attitude for the workplace can be nurtured by giving young people a look inside the industries in the community around them. In New Zealand, John Braiden’s Carterton-based company leads the country in adapting vehicles for people with disabilities, and sets a standard in helping shape young people for the workforce. The close-knit staff have helped build the Braiden International from humble beginnings, and their combination of design and precision engineering is a lure for young people who want solid employment and a sense of vocation.

Visionaries create jobs

Some have a desire to learn to weld and come as part of work experience from school, or hear from others about the work Braiden is doing and turn up looking for holiday work. Read More Here: Visionaries create jobs. It gives us the chance to see what their attitude is, how they will fit in and how willing they are to learn Mr Swanson said.

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