Robots are Chasing your Job in Asia. You can’t read a newspaper today without reading a story of robots taking over human work. Ever since the 19th century, people have feared machines will take over human jobs, creating permanent and increasing technological unemployment. It’s not happened yet. Technology is creating more jobs, new products and the demand for new products. Digital technology is invading the world of work. It’s not just physical work that has been lost but also cognitive work is no longer considered to be exclusive to human beings. Robots are Chasing your Job in Asia. That’s why is it important today to talk about the future of work It’s not because of the recessions that will create fewer jobs for people in the future. The fear of automation will hugely reduce the number of jobs available and contribute to the stability of work for humans.

The Future of Work in Asia

The Future of Work in AsiaThe future of work must be inspired by considerations of humanity, social justice and peace. If it is not, we are going to a dark place, we are going to a dangerous place. So said International Labour Organization (ILO) director-general Guy Ryder after a two-day symposium in Switzerland last week. With a theme of “The Future of Work We Want”, the Geneva symposium featured outstanding keynote speakers and panelists from various industries, academics, economists and representatives of governments and their social partners. Robots are Chasing your Job in Asia. Apart from the economic recession that remains one of the biggest threats to job security among people around the world, many factors might transform our work entirely. Some jobs might be taken over by artificial intelligence, while the future workplace could mainly exist online. Read also this interesting article to learn more about robots, work and jobs in Asia and worldwide. The robot scabs are coming to take your jobs. If you live in a developed or rapidly developing nation, you and your children will grow old in a world in which most people will not work, because the robots will take your jobs.

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