Sea Fishing Charters and Tours Hirtshals, Denmark. From Hirtshals, in the Northwest of Denmark, you can head out on a sea fishing trip on a fishing boat or tour boat that can run fishing trips from a few hours to several days. If you embark on a deep sea fishing trip, you have the chance to return with a great catch of cod, ling, Atlantic wolffish, haddock, pollack, gurnard, flatfish, and lumpfish, etc, with mackerel, salmon, and sea trout also possible during the season. You sail with experienced skippers who know where the best fishing grounds are. It may be a reef or an old shipwreck that provides good hiding places for fish. The local fishing charter boats organize trips to different fishing grounds, to the Yellow Reef and to the wrecks around Hirtshals Harbour. The waters around Hirtshals is very wreck-rich and that means many good fishing spots and the possibility of extreme fishing.

Sea Fishing Charter Boats in Hirtshals are Certified

Sea Fishing Charter Boats in HirtshalsThe deep sea fishing tour boats of Hirtshals are all certified for sailing with anglers and are manned by an experienced crew. There are toilet facilities onboard and the majority also provide food and drinks. You can choose a short trip where you’ll be fishing along the coast close to Hirtshals, or else you can book a longer trip, for example to the Yellow Reef, which is a very popular destination with good chances of landing an excellent catch. For angling enthusiasts, even longer trips are available, as well as complete fishing holidays with overnight accommodation in Hirtshals and three or more day trips. Some boats can provide overnight accommodation. All vessels have fishing rods and reels for hire, or you can buy bait and other equipment.

Sea Fishing Charters and Boats in Hirtshals, Denmark

Sea Fishing Charter Boats in Hirtshals DenmarkIf you would like to go on an angling trip to Denmark, why not visit Hirtshals. It does not matter if you see it as a pro sport, as a recreational fisherman/-woman or just a holiday activity, we can help you with more information. Sea Fishing Charters Alternative. And if your wife or companion has no interest in fishing, we can arrange or provide information about each and every leisure and free-time activity in Hirtshals, including best places to stay, great restaurants, etc. just contact us.

We can give you information about some of the most well-known and quite famous boat trip charters, such as (just named in alphabetical order), M/S Albatros 1, M/S Menakadan, M/S, Michael Frank, Orca 1, Orca 3, M/S Ostsee Star, M/S Sea Hawk, M/S Skagerrak, and M/S Tinker. In different online news you may read about other names, but sometimes they move to other places or are maybe chartered out for a whole season to another place, so just contact us for latest information and details.

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Fishing Charters Boats in Hirtshals, DenmarkThe author and writer of this quite simple information is a native son of the fishing village of Hirtshals, both his father and his grandfather were fishermen with own small fishing boats in the village.

For the past 40 years, I have mainly lived abroad, mostly in Asia, more specifically in Bangkok, Thailand, where I still have a residence. Recently I have moved back to Hirtshals, at least for a while, leaving my wife and daughter to live alone back in Thailand. That is why we just make this post on my daughters’ website to help people get a little information.

This information (and more to come) will be provided also in Danish and German language (coming up soon). We just want to help promote the sea fishing charters & tours business in our hometown. Thank you for reading up on this stuff.

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Angling in Denmark – Everyone aged between 18 and 65 angling in Denmark must hold a valid angling license. Angling is fishing using light hand tackle. Buy Angler Fishing License Here

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