Asia English Teaching Jobs. Teaching English as a foreign language in Asia and ASEAN (Southeast Asia) is an option that many recent North American and not-so-recent Western European or Asia Pacific graduates are turning to. Demand for skilled, English-speaking teachers is still high in many Asian countries and continues to increase every year, so if you’re serious about teaching in Asia – it’s time to learn more about the many different opportunities that exist. Searching the internet for Asia English teaching jobs will provide you with lots of details. Jobs, housing, culture, payment, and TEFL courses (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) if you are not too familiar with the teaching profession. There are plenty of very good sits for you out there and our job is to provide you with links to those sites that we find most valuable for you to read.

Asia English Teaching Jobs – ASEAN

Asia English Teaching Jobs - ASEANThe growth of the middle class in ASEAN (South East Asia), the very fast development of many of the ten ASEAN member countries, and a region-wide push for English fluency make Southeast Asia a destination great with opportunity for the expat and retiree looking for ways to fund a new life overseas. Teaching English in the 10 ASEAN Countries is probably the most common (actually, often the only) way to earn a living throughout this region for the newcomer, and the demand for English teachers is high. The requirements vary from one southeast Asian country to another, but often most people can qualify for a reasonably well-paid job with very little educational background. Officially, a bachelor’s degree or higher is required for teaching anywhere in Southeast Asia. Unofficially, the requirement may be waived by schools in rural areas (or even in the capitals or major cities) where demand is high and teacher recruitment is difficult.

Asian English Teaching Jobs

Asian English Teaching JobsSo, you are interested in teaching English in Asia in 2021-2022! Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan and are some of the biggest markets for English teachers in Asia (not considering the ASEAN nations above). These countries are all both quite similar and still a bit different. Choosing a starting place, like Teaching English in the Middle East, can be difficult when there are so many options and you may not be so familiar with the different countries. For example China: With an estimated 300 million Chinese learning English, this large country is also the largest job market for Teaching English in Asian Countries. And approximately 1,000 new English teachers are hired each month. It is estimated that this number will double in China in the coming years. Major Asian cities like Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (South Korea) and Shanghai (China) has over 10 million people and are home to 1,000 language schools employing up to 15,000 foreign English teachers.

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