Teaching English in ASEAN (AEC). The ASEAN Economic Community of ten countries. In Cambodia Thailand, Vietnam, teaching jobs in these ASEAN nations are known worldwide to be some of the best opportunities for teachers to take their career to the next level, or for beginners to get their feet wet in the field. Officially, a bachelor’s degree or higher is required for teaching anywhere in Southeast Asia. Unofficially, the requirement may be waived by schools in rural areas where demand is high and teacher recruitment is difficult. Teaching English in a remote village can be rewarding but probably won’t pay well. Many places will offer a room or house, utilities, and food as compensation but can’t afford to pay a salary. Teaching in cities is different. The most important consideration is the type of degree or certification you have under your belt.

Teaching English in ASEAN (AEC) – Job Opportunities

Teaching English in ASEAN (AEC)Teaching Job Opportunities in South East Asia. There is no set standard when it comes to teaching positions, requirements and benefits; it does not only differ from one ASEAN country to country but also from job to job (even if it is two jobs offered by the same company). For most countries it is highly advisable to get a contract and a working visa before buying a plane ticket to your new home. It is possible to get private jobs outside of your regular job, but please keep in mind what your contract with your main employer stipulates about private work because it might be illegal. The office hours of a full-time teaching job are usually 40 hours per week and 20-30 hours are teaching hours. If you like the idea of living and working in a new country but lack the funds to support yourself in the adventure, consider the Southeast Asian 10 countries, also called ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

Why is that many ASEAN people can’t speak proper English

Why is that many ASEAN people can’t speak proper EnglishTeaching English in ASEAN (AEC). English hasn’t become a necessity to communicate within ASEAN – local languages fulfill that purpose. Therefore, many students fail to see the need for it and are often unmotivated to master it. In most of the ASEAN nations, students don’t have the chance to practice in daily life. Internet, TV, newspaper, public transportation, shopping malls. Everything is written in local languages. English language is well-known language in the world. People around the world use the English language to be a second language to communicate with another people from other countries. As people know ASEAN or AEC is the new community among ten countries and the language that suppose to be used has to be English only, that the rule to make people use the English language in 2018. That’s somewhat a tough challenge.

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