English Teaching in Asia. The best countries to teach English in Asia is China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Teaching jobs in Asia are known worldwide to be some of the best opportunities for teachers to take their career to the next level, or for beginners to get their feet wet in the field. Most positions in developed Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and China, are obtained by interviewing in advance from your home country, so most teachers have a job lined up before departing for the region. Asia is by far the largest and often the most lucrative region of the world for teaching English abroad. If you are looking for a fantastic international experience and opportunities to make and save great money while teaching English abroad,

English Teaching in Asia – Job Opportunities

English Teaching in Asia - Job OpportunitiesTeaching Job Opportunities in Asia. The majority of Asian countries offering teaching positions to English speakers has a minimum requirement of a degree (in any field) from an accredited university; usually, no previous teaching experience is necessary and doing an online TEFL or TESL certificate will be beneficial. Some countries prefer the more advanced CELTA or DELTA certificate plus a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. If you like the idea of living, working or maybe partly retiring in a new country but lack the funds to support yourself in the adventure, consider Asia. The growth of the middle class in this part of the world, the progressive development of virtually every Asian country, and a region-wide push for English fluency make Asia a destination ripe with opportunity for the expat and retiree looking for ways to fund a new life overseas.

Why most Asian people can’t speak English well

English Teaching in AsiaEnglish Learning in Asia. Native Asian English teachers have more often than not limited ability to speak, let alone teach the subject, textbooks also bore the students into a coma and many if not most of the students are too afraid to try because they don’t want to make any mistakes. English classes are focused on learning grammar and memorizing it for the many tests. These tests don’t evaluate language ability; rather they focus on academic progress. A lot of the time students forgot what they studied right after each exam. This obviously resulted in classes not being very fun or rewarding. However, many feel that lessons are markedly more interesting when a foreign English teacher is present.

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