Top 10 Asian Job and Living Destinations for Expats. Taiwan tops global expat ranking, while China, India And Indonesia are lowest on the list. More than 14,000 expats living in 191 countries were asked about their quality of life, personal finance and work-life balance in the latest InterNations Expat Insider Survey. The results put Taiwan at the top of the Asian standings, ahead of New Zealand and Australia. The “worst” Asian countries (out of 67 surveyed) for expats to live, meanwhile, were China, India and Indonesia. Taiwan’s nature, friendliness and advanced economy have helped put it above the likes of the U.S., Australia and Hong Kong as the best place in the world for expats to live.

Asian Top Destinations for Expats in 2016

asian-top-destinations-for-expats-in-2016The results of the survey are published in the form of an overall country ranking of common expat destinations, and plenty of information grouped around five topical indices: Quality of Life, Ease of Settling In, Working Abroad, Family Life, and Personal Finance. This is the third year in a row, Expat Insider — one of the largest expat surveys worldwide — offers an in-depth analysis of everyday expat life in 67 countries across the globe in 2016. Here in Asia (and ASEAN), a country like Myanmar dropped out of the overall ranking due to a lack of participants taking part in the survey. There were no Asian countries in the “10 worst destinations” for expats in 2016.

Top 10 Destinations for Expats

Top 10 Destinations for Expats in 2016 plus a few more covering the most important countries in Asia and ASEAN. The numbers in bracket is the overall position held of the total of 67 countries surveyed around the world.

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15. Kazakhstan (55)
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