Top Cybersecurity Reporters @ US Newspapers. Understanding and managing cybersecurity risks have become top of mind for leaders in business and government in 2019. This year and in the coming years, hackers will launch increasingly sophisticated attacks on everything from critical infrastructure to medical devices. Headless worms, machine-to-machine attacks, jailbreaking, ghost-ware and two-faced malware: The language of cybersecurity incites a level of fear that seems appropriate, given all that’s at stake. We are providing you with the who-is-who in the field of cybersecurity reporters writing for American newspapers so you can stay abreast of major updates. Readers need reliable sources of news that they can depend on.

Top Cybersecurity Reporters – American Newspapers

Washington Post Cybercrime Reporters and JournalistsWashington Post Cybersecurity Washington Post. Brian Krebs, Krebs on Security, @briankrebs: Former Washington Post reporter Brian Krebs posts on a near daily-basis on corporate, healthcare, and government IT security news as well as cybersecurity best practices. Ellen Nakashima, @nakashimae: A cybersecurity luminary and 19-year veteran of The Washington Post, Ellen Nakashima covers issues relating to military and cyber intelligence, the NSA and other three-letter agencies, and high-profile cybercrime incidents or attacks. Rob Pegoraro, Freelance, @robpegoraro: A consumer tech veteran of The Washington Post with columns in USA Today and Yahoo! Tech, Rob is a well-respected source for security and broader technology news, with a special touch for writing about the actual technology behind these issues.

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Wall Street Journal Cybersecurity Reporters and JournalistsWall Street Journal Cybersecurity Wall Street Journal. Danny Yadron, @dannyyadron: Formerly DC, now San Francisco based, Danny writes about the businesses side of cybersecurity, including news from some of the biggest corporate players, as well as other issues du jour. Siobhan Gorman, @Gorman_Siobhan: A national security reporter with a taste for cyber, Siobhan Gorman covers state-sponsored cyberattacks, the three letter agencies, and the evolving cyberwarfare landscape.

Bloomberg Bloomberg Cybersecurity (Tech). Chris Strohm, @cstrohm: Chris has a keen sense for stories relating to Snowden and the NSA, as well as cyberspying and corporate hacks like Target’s.

Inside CyberSecurity Inside Cybersecurity. Charlie Mitchell, @CharlieReports: Charlie’s focus at the intersection of cybersecurity, politics and policy is of great interest to his Inside Washington Publisher’s readers. He has previously held positions at publications such as Roll Call and National Journal.

New York Times New York Cybersecurity. Nicole Perlroth, @nicoleperlroth: A San Francisco-based New York Times reporter who formerly covered venture capital and startups who now covers trending privacy and cybersecurity topics.

Politico Politico Cybersecurity. Tal Kopan, @TalKopan: The reporter behind Politico’s Morning Cybersecurity newsletter, Tal covers cyber policy and breaking topics of the highest importance inside the Beltway.

Reuters Reuters Cybersecurity. Jim Finkle, @jim_finkle: The primary cybersecurity reporter for Reuters since 2005, he covers hacking, corporate cybersecurity and technology issues. Jim is based in Boston, MA.

USA Today USA Today Cybersecurity. Byron Acohido, @byronacohido @byronacohido: One of the nation’s most respected cybersecurity journalists, Byron has been covering consumer and enterprise cybersecurity for more than 10 years at USA Today from his perch in Seattle.

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