Online Video Marketing Services for Small and Medium Sized Business (SME).  Video is a powerful way to provide instructional content and how-to videos or present business product or services. Videos often show up in the search results very fast, allowing you to gain more website visitors by dominating your market’s natural search results. If you are thinking about improving your engagement in social media and mobile marketing then you need to have a combination of video, imagery and content. Without video you cannot participate on online video marketing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion or Flickr for example.

Video Marketing is the process of creation, optimizing content and distributing it to both your website and external video sharing sites, social media and marketing your content effectively to gain search engine rankings and target new audiences through video. It is a powerful and effective tool as you know that customers who’ve watched video presentations, like PowerPoint presentations are more likely to purchase and that’s why you need to use this to leverage for more business.

An Affordable Produced Video. We can either teach you how to easily produce a video based on a PowerPoint presentation and make it into a video (Buy our eBook for US$ 29). Or we can simply create the video for you if you do not have the time to learn and do it yourself. We can produce a video presentation about your business which includes photos, graphics, music, and your website’s address & phone number, and this for only US$ 29.

Video Marketing Services for your SME Business. When we have produced your video, we have a PowerPoint Slide Presentation, we also create a PDF version of the PowerPoint Presentation and of course we have the video itself. Now we must create a number of accounts on at least 15 different blogs, slide and PDF hosting websites, most important social media and networking sites and video upload sites. This step is important for your online image and brand recognition. For this service we also charge only US$ 29.

Online Video Distribution Services. If you already have a video and you already have set up accounts for uploading the video to sites mentioned under our Video Marketing Services, we recommend you to subscribe to our 3 months support service (with a newsletter). We have already uploaded hundreds of videos ourselves and our experience will greatly benefit you during your video distribution. We have lots of information that you may not know about or don’t think about when uploading your video. Our case studies and links to our own videos will greatly help you to understand the issue of online video marketing. What works and what may not work. Our 3-months subscription service with weekly Skype chat also cost only US$ 29.

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